Kid punches mom over Halo 3

kidThis story could be straight out of a Dane Cooks routine: "My mom came in the room and said ‘Bed time, no more Halo 3 Dane’, So I stood up, cocked my elbow back, and POW!; socked my mom right in the mouth. That’s right, I punched my mom in the mouth and said ‘Who’s bed time is it now, mom?’" 

That wasn’t a real routine, but it’s not far off from what happened in Indian River County either. It all began when the Devil Child (who, for legal reasons, name and age remain undisclosed) refused to turn off Halo 3 and go to bed.

His mom unplugged his Xbox wireless network adapter as an extreme measure and Kid Crazy decided to throw a haymaker at mom’s face.

He then locked himself in his room thinking he was triumphant. Mom was not about to just take the abuse so she called the Sheriff, who came in full force to mediate the situation. The deputies entered his room using a key that his mom had.

Upon seeing the cops, Boy Wonder did what any of of us would do and yelled "cops!" and threw everything he had behind one marvelous punch to a deputy’s face in hopes to punch a hole large enough for him to run through.

He of course failed. As a consolation prize, he managed to piss off all of the cops, who continued to restrain and handcuff him.

He was later turned over to the state juvenile authorities on charges of battery-domestic violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.

And who’s idea was it to take spankings, wooden spoons and belting away from raising a child? A good ol’ ass whoopin’ would have fixed this kid right up.

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