Kid vs. Mom. Part II

momkid2We reported a story this week regarding a 13 year-old boy who broke the family vacuum cleaner in order to get out of his chores so he could play video games. The mom punished his son by putting his Xbox 360 on eBay for sale.

Some questions arose when the listing on eBay was suddenly delisted as "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale."

People immediately speculated that the mom caved in and returned the Xbox 360 to her errant and disrespectful son. But according to a post on Digg, a person who claims to be the mom in this interesting drama says she pulled the ad because Dyson gave her a free vacuum cleaner.

In the 130th comment allegedly from "The Mom," it says:

"Here is the real story on why the action ended early…I got a free Dyson…so I no longer needed to sell the XBOX for $$ to buy a new vacuum….however he was still not getting it back….so it was given to a non-profit that I work with.

"I do not back down, he is still punished…hopefully tomorrow he will do his chores ALL of them or something else will be taken away. He has gotten the pattern here….lesson learned. Every parent has their own style….this is mine….the porn was not what he was punished for it was the lack of respect and not doing chores after constantly telling reminding him.

"I ended the auction also because I was getting thousands of emails…..we are going back to our norma low-keyl life now (w/o the xbox)….Just wanted to clear the air and all the stories that were out there.

—The Mean Mom, Virginia"

So is the post fake or real? It’s hard to say, but we’ve contacted "The Mean Mom" and we’re waiting to see if she’ll give us an interview or inside story on what is happening.

Stay tuned for more details.

[via Digg]


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