Kingdom Under Fire II announced

Kingdom under fire 2You gotta love when developers combine genres to create a totally new experience. Such is the case with the just announced Kingdom Under Fire II. Being created jointly by Blueside and Phantagram and set to be released on both PC and consoles in 2009, KUFII is making sure that both loyal fans of the original Xbox titles, as well new comers have something to be excited about.

KUFII is going back to the action-RTS roots that made it so popular in the original games while at the same time introducing a new multiplayer component. What is so unique about this multiplayer is that it is going beyond the simple idea of a few friends joining up, and hacking away at enemies. KUFII has much loftier goals. Players will be able to log into servers and join hundreds of players simultaneously, creating the first MMOARTS.

"Blueside’s CEO Sejung Kim stated, "We are preparing for an immense game that will feature not only field battles, but also titanic siege engines and thousands of units that will swarm over monstrous fortresses in siege battles of epic proportions."

Sounds like a winner to me. Now let’s hope they deliver.

[Via IGN]


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