Kitty Got Wet: The Ad-Lib To End All Ad-Libs

It was a simple enough question.

Nolan North, voice of Uncharted’s hero Nathan Drake, was asked about his favorite ad-libbed moment during voice acting for the upcoming sequel Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. North then asked creative director Amy Henning if he could talk about "KGW." Henning agreed, and he explained

And that explanation may have just started the next great Internet catch phrase. 

North told of a Wii Tennis session with his 8-year-old son Cooper in which Cooper, after embarrasing his father again, yelled out "Awww, kitty got wet!" 

As most humans would be, North was both amazed and shockedat what he heard, and immediately asked where his son heard such a thing. His son answered simply this:

"He told me he had just made it up. Kitties don’t like getting wet. He thought he was in trouble, but I gave him a big hug. The next time I was in recording dialog for punches I was like "Bam! Kitty got wet!"

Truth be told, you probably won’t hear this most awesome of phrases in the game, but that is why I’m typing this. As Kotaku and PushSquare have said before me, this quote NEEDS to be in Uncharted 2. It will be incredibly satisfying to puch someone’s lights out and hear Drake yell "Kitty got wet!"

Please, Naughty Dog, PLEASE allow this quote in and let us all laugh about it. It very well could be the best line in a video game ever, if you let it in.

Don’t leave our kitties hanging, all wet. Let them join your game, and we will all be better for it.



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