Kojima — a slave to his own creation?

KojimaSometimes stories just need to come to an end before they start getting stretched too thin and eventually ruin the entire series. * Cough * Star Wars. Well unlike, George Lucas, Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, knows when to stop.

During the E3 Media and Business Summit in July, Kojima declared Metal Gear Solid 4 would be the last Metal Gear game he that would be directly involved with.

His own beast, however, has become too successful for Konami to just let him go like that. Anthony Crouts, Konami Digital Entertainment’s new marketing VP states in a recent phone interview: "I’m sure he’s never going to let go of Metal Gear Solid – Trust me. [Snake’s] a big character, so as a franchise I think he’ll always hold it near and dear to his heart."

Crout insists that Konami will "continue to evaluate" ways to expand the franchise beyond Metal Gear Solid 4. Translation: We’re going to milk this for every penny.

Sometimes an epic has to be remembered, or suffer the fate of Star Wars. I’m sure someone with the creative capacity of Hideo Kojima can create a good game without having to use Metal Gear, and the fan base will move with him. With Snake’s life thinning, and the prequel already done, I think its time to close the Metal Gear book once and for all.

{Via Next-Gen]


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