Kojima says MGS4 too big to fit on Blu-ray

blu rayMaybe Sony was onto something, after all, when it decided to put the Blu-ray player inside the PS3. 50GB of storage space on one disc is nothing to sneeze at and many thought that the full capacity wouldn’t be utilized by a video game for some time to come. 

But Hideo Kojima, creative genius behind the MGS series, has not only reached the capacity of 50GB for Metal Gear Solid 4, but has actually surpassed that threshold.

Truth be known, Kojima explained that some improtant MGS4 elements and features had to be compressed down in order to fit on a Blu-ray disc. He complained that MGS4 could have been an even better game if the dev team had more room to work with.

This is quite astounding considering 50GBs is quite a large amount of storage space for a video game. Considering that the blu-ray storage barrier has been broken by MGS4, it looks like the well touted feature of superior storage space has been short-lived.

We can only imagine how much more media space heavyweight games will require in the future. Get ready for dual and quad layer Blu-ray machines.


[Via Qj.net]


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