Konami releases new Metal Gear Solid 4 screenshots

Yesterday, Konami released six new screenies of their hugely anticipated fourth main entry in the acclaimed MGS franchise. You can click over to eNe3 to check them out for yourself and salivate.

These screenshots don’t showcase much of a graphical improvement since the last time we saw screenshots, but that doesn’t matter much considering MGS4 is one of the prettiest PS3 games even in its present form.

Two of these screens depict Solid Snake performing feats of badassery, such as aiming a gun and kicking down a door. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t exactly consider those "feats of badassery", but I feel Solid Snake can make anything look awesome.

Two other screens show scenes including Raiden apparently about to demonstrate his ninja skills on some unlucky baddies, and a large and imposing bad guy (maybe it’s a bad guy, who knows?) whose mechanical arms that will definitely remind Spiderman fans of Doctor Octopus. The other two are just shots of an old man and a little girl looking onward.

Honestly, there’s not a lot to extrapolate from these screenshots. However, they’re new MGS4 screens and I’m positive the fans will eat them up and find much to speculate over.

mgs screenies


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