Lawyers abound, new Ace Attorney game on its way

Edgeworth Yesterday we covered doctor games. Today I’ll be covering a major announcement on the lawyer game front. I love the Ace Attorney franchise. Absolutely. I have loved every line of text since the first game landed on this side of the Pacific Ocean so today was a happy day for me.

Some scans were leaked from the most recent copy of Japanese publication Famitsu. The article details a new chapter in Ace Attorney that has you playing as prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. The previous four games have you playing as defense attorneys Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice. Switching things up like this is fantastic.

As Miles Edgeworth, your job is to investigate the crime scenes and find evidence crucial to getting that guilty verdict. It makes me wonder if you can doctor evidence the way it was always alluded to in the first Ace Attorney game.

I just want to point out months before I was writing for GamerNode I talked about the possibility of online courtroom battles and how awesome it would be. If that ever happens, I want you to know that you heard it here first. I can only dream that this new game, which may or may not be called Perfect Prosecutor depending on translation, can link up with Apollo Justice Ace Attorney for the most awesome lawyer game experience ever.

96% of you probably don’t care about this, but I crave it! Tune in tomorrow right here as we hope Internal Auditor Revolution is announced for the DS. The subconscious parental wish fulfillment continues!


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