Leaked Tomb Raider script gives a look into young, unsure Lara Croft

Tomb Raider

The upcoming reboot of longtime videogame heroine Lara Croft in Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider is big on re-exploring the character’s roots and early days as a treasure hunter. Today, some of the moments that forge this story were leaked to the internet via a voice acting script that shows the world a Lara that isn’t quite as sure of herself as her previous incarnation.

In the new game, Lara is on an expedition with mentor and 52-year-old treasure hunter Conrad Roth. To draw parallels to the Uncharted series, he appears to act as the Victor Sullivan to Lara’s Nathan Drake, minus the perversion.

GamerNode has gained access to the leaked script, but with respect to publisher Square Enix will simply provide a summary of what occurs. Though what was leaked did not entail any major plot moments, now is your chance to stop reading if you do not want to be spoiled in any way, shape, or form.

The first scene depicts a young Lara Croft leaning back from a camera that she has just begun to record on, which is the perspective the player takes. Lara is bored on the ship she is exploring on with Roth and decides to record this video log.

"Three weeks out, zero finds, twenty fish suppers, fifty instances of Roth fantasising about a pint of Bitter and a ninety-nine percent chance that I’ll hurl myself off this boat out of sheer boredom," she states to the camera.

Croft continues on about a "Dragon’s Triangle" before growing out of her boredom and into excitement.

"We’re close to something, I can feel it," she continued. "Something extraordinary. And that’s what it’s about after all, isn’t it? Anything less and it’s just a hobby."

The scene ends and moves to the exterior of an island village at night. Lara is approaching said village before hearing the sounds of wolves, gunshots, and shouts from Roth. Upon reaching her companion, Lara finds that he has either killed or scared off all of the wolves with the aid of two automatic pistols, but not before they got a good taste of his leg.

After patching him up quickly with cloth, Roth informs Lara that their transmitter, medical supplies, and food were all in his pack that were taken by the wolves. He tries to get up and join Lara in the retrieval mission, but quickly passes out upon reaching his feet. Lara, slighly panicked, is left with no choice but to follow the wolves’ tracks and go it alone.

In the next scene, Lara is seen returning to camp with the rescued pack and patches Roth up proper. The scene fades out and back in on a waking Roth who finds himself fixed and Lara staring into the campfire. He asks her how she learned to bandage up the wounded so well.

"Late shift at The Nine Bells," Lara replies. "A wolf’s got nothing on a broken bottle."

Roth and Lara then agree that their best bet for rescue is to take the reclaimed transmitter to the radio tower atop the peak of a tall nearby mountain. After taking a look at his injury, Roth admits to Lara that he’s "not going climbing any time soon."

In hearing this Lara becomes despondent and her face masked with worry. She is clearly yet to become confident and quirky heroine players have come to know and love.

Roth tries to encourage her by saying she’s a Croft, to which Lara replies, "I don’t think I’m that kind of Croft."

But Roth refuses to let her doubt surround her. After some more encouraging words and a genuine warning to "be careful", he watches as Lara puts on a brave face and takes off into the night.



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