Legendary on track for summer release, loses "The Box"

LegendaryGamecock Media Group and Spark Unlimited have announced today that their upcoming mythological FPS, Legendary: The Box — scheduled for release on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as the PC — is being pushed back a little bit. Rather than the previously "official" release of Spring, Legendary will instead arrive on all three platforms this summer.

Said Rick Stults, Console Chief for Gamecock Media Group:

"I’m happy to report that the team on Legendary is well on target for a simultaneous multi-platform launch this summer. It’s no easy feat to pull this off on a game of this caliber, but Spark Unlimited is a talented group."

Added Spark Unlimited CEO Craig Allen:

"This is the project we want to be working on and it’s shaping up to be something amazing. Legendary is the type of game we want every gamer, regardless of system allegiance, to get the chance to play. We’re taking our time to ensure optimum performance, regardless of platform."

Today is also a great day for those of us who have to type out videogame titles on a regular basis, because throughout the press release, the game was refered to only as "Legendary," with no box to be found anywhere. Wooooo!!!

If you haven’t heard of Legendary before, check out our E3 2007 preview of the game, and see why it won E3 2007 FPS of the Year. 


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