Liberty City Stories Rapidly Approaching PS2 Launch

When news was released last year about Rockstar’s intention to release a new Grand Theft Auto game for the PlayStation, PS2 owners were overjoyed. But the “bad” news was that the new title would be released for Sony’s PSP, and not for the PS2. Some PS2 owners, who didn’t have a PSP, started to seriously consider the purchase of the handheld, just to play Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. No doubt, there were extra sales of PSPs because of this. But those who waited and hoped for a PS2 version will be happy to hear that Rockstar has ported the game over to the full fledged game console. Rockstar CEO Paul Eibeler announced that the PS2 version of Liberty City Stories will cost less than its little handheld cousin. He said, “…we're looking at lower pricing on Liberty City Stories for the console.” No specific price was given, but since the PSP version of the game was $49.99, and Eibeler has stated that they are “looking at lower pricing” for the PS2, an educated guess would place the game anywhere from $19.99 to $39.99. The low estimate of $19.99 may not be totally unreasonable if GTA: Liberty City Stories enters Sony’s Greatest Hits category. All games which enter this class are automatically re-priced at $19.99. In today’s depressed game market, a price of $39.99 would probably be asking too much, and a price of $19.99 is just wishful thinking on our part. So the most likely price point would be $29.99. We’ll all find out soon enough.


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