Light sabers for the Wii?

LightsaberOk, here’s a pop quiz. How many of you out there have waved a bat, umbrella, stick, flashlight, toy or any other object while making lightsaber noises in your attempt to replicate a warm fuzzy Star Wars moment? I see those hands out there! Well, consider yourself a hardcore Star Wars fan.

If you’ve ever wished you had a real light saber to dispatch baddies to their final resting places on Hoth, you may get your wish…sort of. Mark Montuya of LucasArts said that the new title, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for Wii, is "just a taster" for future releases regarding motion-sensor light saber fights.

So could we be seeing a Wii lightsaber controller in our futures? And if not, will we be able to participate in real light saber fights against opponents by swinging the WiiMote around? Imagine playing a scene out of Star Wars and battling against Darth Vader or the creepy looking Darth Maul.

We can only hope. But tell you what, I’ve got a goooood feeling about this.



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