Like, the DS made the Cheer Squad, too!

Cheerleading gameAs GamerNode mentioned last week, THQ has announced that they are planning the first cheerleading game for the Wii, but more details have surfaced, and we just couldn’t help but to…bring it on…(that was so lame).

In All Star Cheer Squad for both the DS and Wii, "players will immerse themselves into the world of competitive cheerleading as they experience the thrill and excitement of cheer through creativity, customization, style and teamwork. The release will mark THQ’s first original property created specifically for girls on Wii and Nintendo DS."

The press release goes on saying "players will follow a year in the life of a cheerleader as they learn new cheers, participate in practices and create their own routines to make the squad and eventually become captain."

Apparently "world-renowned cheerleading choreographer Tony G, best known for his work in the Bring It On movies, has signed on as chief consultant for the game." I know the movies are steaming piles of doo-doo but how are the cheers? Are they at least decent? Does this guy even matter?

Almost guaranteeing the game’s success, it "incorporates use of the Wii Balance Board to get the player’s entire body involved in the game…" and "players will be able to customize the look of their cheerleader and squad…"

While I support industry maturation via broadening markets, I can’t say the same for shovelware.

Oh and don’t say that no one wants this because it was like totally Bring It On weekend on some cable channel that I couldn’t care less about. Totally.

[Via Yahoo Finance]


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