Lionhead Studios alters its focus on game design

fablePeter Molynuex is one of the most passionate game designers in the industry who has no qualms about hyping his titles through the roof.

Although his first attempt at developing the "greatest role-playing game of all time" (Fable) didn’t fulfill the expectations of everyone who played it, to the extent where they would never touch another game in the genre ever again, not many would claim that it was a terrible experience devoid of any fun whatsoever.

After spending time working on the sequel to the commercial hit, it seems as though the ambitious game designer has been in deep contemplation in regards to how his development studio (the Microsoft owned Lionhead Studios) approaches the creation of its games from a design standpoint.

What’s his solution? To deliver the ideal gaming experience without promising the world to players in terms of content, in addition to ensuring they’ll receive a thoroughly entertaining piece of software worthy of their sixty dollars.

"Lionhead games need less random features, but to refine and hone the core features," Molyneux told Games Radar. "Combat is good example of this; we could have thrown in 100’s of different spells, moves and effects but I now realize it’s better to have fewer really good spells and moves which really work. In other words quality rather than quantity."

Personally, this seems like a respectable, logical decision that’ll most likely benefit Fable 2 in a huge way.

The stress of fulfilling the expectations of gamers around the globe during the development of the first Fable must have been a massive ordeal shared by everyone involved in its creation, which ultimately ended with the release of a product that left many disappointed rather than satisfied despite the studio’s best efforts to deliver.


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