Little brother does a wee on his big brother's Wii

WeeThe UK Metro reports that four year-old Ellis was getting tired of Danny’s fixation with his new Christmas present–a Nintendo Wii.

He was feeling quite the dejected and ignored little sibling and decided to take revenge on him by weeing on his big brother’s Wii game console.

The resultant aftermath of this liquid assault blew out the Wii and basically trashed (or waterlogged) the £250 (495 USD) priced game machine.

Kerry Emsley, the mother of the two boys, said of the incident "Danny was speechless with rage, Ellis knew he had done something wrong and went and hid under his bed."

Good thinking.

The father of Danny and Ellis was searching for months for the rare machine and finally scored one for Christmas for the boys. But now, it’s all water under the bridge, so to speak. The parents are submitting an insurance claim for the damaged Wii under the provisions of a "leaky house."

"It must surely be counted as a leak," the father remarked.





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