Madden patch–the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf

LT Madden 08Gone are the days when you had to scour through newspapers and sports reports to find out the newest NFL transactions, then manually update the rosters. This is all thanks to next-gen online updating. Or is it?

EA recently put a new roster update online–that isn’t very new. But the most obvious roster change is Michael Vick getting the boot from the entire NFL. But low and behold, he’s still starting for the Falcons. And if you know your sports, you can probably even find a roster discrepancy on every team.

Even as a kid I did better than them with the updates, and I didn’t get paid for it.

On top of it, the "patch" for the PS3 worked out to be more like a virus. Downloading the patch has caused PS3’s to not even load Madden discs. So a little word of caution; DON’T DOWNLOAD THE PATCH.

If you have, then you’re doomed. Just kidding, EA released an update reguarding the patch:

"We are currently looking into why the Madden 08 update for PS3 is giving an 80009 error and causing the game not to be accessible. In the meantime, you can play offline by using the following steps to remove the update.

If you are in game, press the PS button and quit the game before following these steps.

1. Cycle to the Game setting in the PS3 console and highlight the Game Data Utility folder and press X on the controller.
2. Highlight the Madden NFL 08 file and press the Triangle button.
3. Choose to Delete the file and then restart the game. (Note that this only remove the update and not your saved data.)

Please note that you should not attempt to go online until the update is fixed, as this will prompt you to reinstall the update which is causing the error. I’ll update this post with more information as it is available.

I apologize for the inconvenience as we work to resolve this issue."

C’mon EA, you have more than enough personnel to get it done. So get er’ done!

via Sportsgamer


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