Man stabbed over GTAIV. Welcome to the real world

Uh oh guys, better be careful when picking up your copy of GTAIV. A man was stabbed outside of a Gamestation store in Croydon, England during last night’s midnight release of GTAIV.

Police said the victim was walking past the queue when suddenly he was stabbed several times by a hooded man waiting in line for the much-anticipated game. The victim survived after treatment in a hospital and has since been allowed to go home.

I feel for the young man. How would you feel if you were walking home minding your own business when suddenly you’re assailed and find many bloody wounds in your body? Next thing you know, surgeons are cutting open your chest and operating on you. Finally you get home and find out your wife didn’t record that TV show you would’ve seen if not for that unlucky occurence in front of the local Gamestation.

Also you just know FOX is going to pick this up and turn it into a crusade against video games. Complete with an exclusive Jack Thompson interview!

[via BBC UK]


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