Manchester Cathedral incident boosts Sony to #1

resistanceMonster2The saying goes, "I’d rather be lucky than good." If this is really true then Sony is really lucky.

Manchester Cathedral has been making complaints against Sony for using images of the church in the sci-fi shooter game, Resistance: Fall of Man.

They’ve painted Sony as a money grubbing Evil Empire and has demanded an apology (and cash from so named Evil Empire) for soiling the good Cathedral’s reputation.

But this bad press has actually helped sales of R: FoM to the top of UK PS3 sales charts. With all the controversy, the so-called negative press has actually sparked a second wave of interest in the game. (Sony probably owes Manchester Cathecral a word of thanks for this.)

Sony Europe responded to the charges by saying, "…Resistance: Fall of Man is a fantasy science fiction game and is not based on reality. The game is set in an alternate and mythical version of Europe in the 1950s, in which the enemy are strange looking alien invaders seeking to destroy humanity."

Well, we’re going to sue the astronauts on the International Space Station for taking space photos of the GamerNode offices on Earth without our permission. Anyone else want to join?


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