Manhunt 2 still hunted and in danger

So the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood crybaby watchdog group of the month is concerned that Manhunt 2 has been re-rated and, gasp, might be making it into the hands of young, impressionable gamers everywhere. They want to tell you how to play with your Wii! According to the CCFC website:

Manhunt 2 Rating Downgraded to M – ESRB Decision Dramatically Increases the Chances that Violent, Interactive Game Will Bill (sic) Marketed and Sold to Children

Alright, CCFC, except that it was downgraded to M. Not E, which is, as we all know, for Everyone, or T for Teens, but M, for old people. That is, people who’ve survived for the requisite 17 years, indicating that they aren’t dumb enough to repeat anything they see and thus, can safely view disturbing content and be left alone with sharp objects. So what’s the issue here?

Also, just what was changed in the game to get the re-rating? I don’t know about you, but I’m a little pissed that a bunch of wimps with a hideous, unprofessional website, rife with spelling and technical errors, was one of the organizations able to leverage enough political force to get the game in trouble in the first place.

I mean, what does being commercial-free even have to do with Manhunt 2? It’s a game, not a commercial. If you read through some other things on the CCFC website, you’ll find plenty of other alarmist, anti-technology, borderline racist, and poorly written articles in the same vein.



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