Mark Rein: "Consoles are holding back PC gaming"

mark reinMark Rein of Epic Games shared some words about the scope of PC gaming with CVG. Specifically, he pointed to the risk of developers going all-out to create a PC game with high-end visuals and top-notch technology.

"So if you build the game that’s a really super amazing high-end game, how do you make all the money you could make from that game, because it’ll be too high end [and will] eventually to be on PS3 or Xbox 360."

Rein also stated that console gaming is at a "sweet spot" right now, "we’re at the point where it’s viable to ship games on these next-gen consoles and it’s going to be a gold mine for a couple of years."

With console gaming having a firm grip on the gaming market and PC developers not really wanting to develop a high-end game at the moment, it looks like PC gaming will have to stay with console gaming till technology ramps up again for consoles. Also, it’s definitely time to stop referring to the "current" generation of consoles as still the "next-gen" or else people will get confused, as you’ll see in his next quote below.

Rein, then, pointed to Microsoft’s ambitious campaign to resurge PC gaming. While DirectX 10 is slowly making its way to games, Rein stated that it’ll take several years and the next-generation of consoles for DirectX 10 to be fully implemented, "To be honest, and I’m going to cast a small pall on the industry here, I don’t think you’re going to get much higher until the next generation of consoles."

Lastly, Rein pointed out the advantages of the PC, "That’s the value to me of the PC… you can express it in higher resolutions and higher frame rates and turn on more effects. I think that’s what you’ll see, PC gamers were we turn it up higher."

Do you folks think Crysis will bring the technology house down? The game will definitely push the boundaries of technology but it’s also just a PC game.


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