Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 upcoming DLC includes sim missions, Psylocke


Marvel Comics got a little antsy and spilled the beans on new content coming to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. According to a blog post over at, the upcoming DLC for the game will feature simulation missions and former PS2- and Wii-exclusive character Psylocke.

They go on to detail what the missions will be: "Insidious Alliance" will have you up against other Marvel bad guys in arena style combat. The second mission is sure to get arcade and retro gamers salivating. "Titled Balance" is an homage to old side-scrolling beat-em-up games like, in Vicarious Visions Mark Webster’s own words, the original X-Men arcade game.

I can’t wait to see how that mission will play out. Anything even remotely resembling that old six-player co-op X-Men arcade cabinet is ok in my book.



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