Marvel Universe Online having difficulties?

MUOMarvel, Microsoft and Cryptic Studios have been collaborating to create the MMO, Marvel Universe Online for some time now. And though highly anticipated, it may have hit some internal development issues that may cause the project to be delayed or possibly cancelled.

We’ve seen Big M cut it’s losses in a similar situation with True Fantasy Live Online, and I don’t see why they would have a problem doing the same with Marvel Universe Online.

The first major issue they’ve run into is that NCSoft bought the City of Heroes Intellectual Property from Cryptic Studios. As you probably already know, City of Heroes is a similar superhero based MMO that Marvel Universe Online is modeled after. The problem with this buyout is that NCSoft has also taken about 15% of Cryptic’s staff with it.

And although it would be foolish to jump to conclusions simply based on a separate franchise’s sale, Microsoft and Cryptic have been awfully dodgy to direct questions directed toward Marvel Universe Online which could add to the concern for the game.

Microsoft remains silent on the issue. A Microsoft spokesperson said, "We have nothing new to share about Marvel Universe Online. Cryptic’s recent sale of the City of Heroes IP to NCSoft has no bearing on the development of ‘Marvel Universe Online.’

When interviewed by MMO blog Ten Ton Hammer, Cryptic President Michael Lewis had this to say to this question:

Is there any concern that your former customers will feel "abandoned," harming potential sales of Marvel Universe Online?

"We think Cryptic has a pretty good reputation with both the City of Heroes and City of Villains communities. In many ways both games are like children going off to college – e created them raised them, but now even though they are not our responsibility anymore we still want what is best for them in the future. We worked cooperatively with NCsoft to create a smooth transition for all CoH/ CoV users, and the fact that we worked closely with them to keep the entire CoH development team intact and with the project attests to our desire to provide our players with the best possible experience."

That is amazing…he managed to answer the question without even once acknowledging Marvel Universe Online… which you would think he’d be anxious to plug and talk about.

There’s been no announcement about Marvel Universe Online being canned, in fact there’s been no news on Marvel Universe Online at all, which leaves you wondering, is it even an active project? Or should we file that under "Duke Nukem Forever’?

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