Mass Effect staying 360-only for consoles

Sorry PlayStation 3 owners, but you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want to get your Mass Effect fix. Bioware has confirmed the sequel to their first Xbox 360 title will continue to be exclusive to Microsoft’s box for the near future. But there is a ray of light for PC gamers; they will be receiving both the original and sequel to Mass Effect eventually. (Previews are already up for the PC version of Mass Effect which is thankfully fixing a number of issues the Xbox 360 version was plagued with.)

So why no Sony love? Most likely an exclusive deal with Microsoft. Is this a smart deal? At the time it was made most definitely. Microsoft was launching first, and had the most familiar developing environment (Bioware comes from PC game roots). Going Xbox 360 gave Bioware a familiar working environment, and a guarantee that there would be a large install base to sell their game. But now the console market is slowly shifting. For the second straight month the PlayStation 3 has beaten the Xbox 360 is sales. While Microsoft claims it is shortage issues, it isn’t a stretch to think that the Sony machine is gaining the momentum Sony wanted and Microsoft feared. Could Mass Effect 3 show up on both consoles? Knowing EA, it’s still got a chance.

[via WhatIfGaming]


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