Metal Gear franchise to continue

mgsguysWith Metal Gear Solid 4 soon to be released, some believed the Metal Gear franchise was coming to an end. They thankfully were wrong. Solid Snake’s story will be concluded, but the Metal Gear titles are going to keep being produced. What Metal Gear Solid 4 signifies is the end of Solid Snake’s story. June 12th will be the last day we all get to rush to our local game store and pick up Snake’s latest adventure. Yes, this is sad but think of the possibilities the Metal Gear franchise can head now.

If Hideo Kojima is still involved with the future Metal Gear projects he has a clean slate to tell his new story. There are no questions he has to answer, or rules he has to follow. The world is open to him once again, and that is exciting.

Solid Snake was one of the most baddass characters to ever hit videogames, but who says Hideo can’t create a new, equally cool, character? Only time will tell to see where the new Metal Gear games go, but thankfully we know that MGS4 is not the last time we’ll see Metal Gear.

[Via 1up]


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