Metal Gear Solid 4 bosses revealed in GC trailer

Snake has his work cut out for himAt the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, Kojima and company have lifted the veil off of a new cinematic trailer for the mega-sequel Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

While the first half is basically a small update to what has been shown since E3, the second half of the video reveals the boss characters that Snake will have to combat when the game releases early next year. Will they live up to the MGS bosses of the past? Absolutely.

The theme surrounding the boss character this time around is "beauty and the beast." These are severely traumatized individuals – "victims of war," as the narrator puts it – who have suppressed all remnants of their former humanity deep inside. What they instead embody is "the beast" – they are raw, emotionless tools of destruction.

These horrors include a wild, wall-running robot dog with ridiculous bulldozer-tossing strength, a metallic lady with sick dreadlocks that act both as human torso hole-punchers and imitation boa constrictors (which she finds hilarious, btw), a swift-flying whirlwind of death, who, by his comments in the video, I can only guess is called "Rage," and a creepy, levitating puppeteer.

"It can’t be…" says Snake. 

A relative of Psycho Mantis?


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