Metal Slug 7 announced for DS

Metal SlugSNK announced today that the latest installment in their long-running, much-beloved side scrolling shooter Metal Slug 7, will be coming exclusively for the Nintendo DS.

This should come as a bit of a surprise to most people, as the last game released bearing the Metal Slug namesake was Metal Slug Anthology for PSP and PS2. I guess we can derive from this move that sales on those versions didn’t quite live up to what SNK had hoped.

No details have been announced about the game, but here’s hoping they don’t try to outfit it with a bunch of goofy convoluted touch screen or microphone functions. Metal Slug has always been designed with a few simple buttons, that’s all it needs.

Obviously the enormous user base of the DS is most likely the presiding factor in the shift of game platforms. I’m wondering, if this game succeeds, will we see Metal Slug games released over one of the console’s download services?

It could be an attempt to finally breathe a little bit of mass popularity into the series after all this time of being a cult hit.


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