Metroid released on Wii's Virtual Console

Metroid on Virutal ConsoleNintendo has released three new classics for the Wii’s Virtual Console today. The standout title this week is Metroid, originally released on the NES. The two other titles are Shining in the Darkness, originally released on Sega Genesis and Cratermaze, which was originally released on TurboGrafx16.

Metroid, the first installment of an immensely popular series, will cost you 500 Wii Points and is rated E for Everyone. Experience the very beginnings of the story of Samus Aran and the fight to protect her home planet of Zebes from being destroyed by "Metroids".

Shining in the Darkness will cost you 800 Wii Points and is also rated E for Everyone. Cratermaze is 600 Wii Points and is rated E for Everyone.

Super Metroid is supposedly coming out next Monday, so you may want to save up those points.


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