Microsoft fires at Hollywood for Halo 3 flaming

Hollywood and Halo 3Recently, Hollywood pointed (and gave) the finger to Microsoft’s Halo 3 as the reason why theater box offices experienced a gigantic downturn in ticket sales for the month of October.

But Microsoft is firing back and puts the blame squarely on Hollywood. Microsoft’s Bob Frederickson responded:

"We thought we’d get some good sales, but nothing like this. But with escalating ticket prices and the crappy movies Hollywood has been putting out. People are just hungry for entertainment."

But poor movie quality isn’t the only reason why video games continue to be hit sellers. Frederickson also pointed to a lack of good content in the music and television industry as well.

"I don’t think you can tie the record game sales only to bad movies. I mean the music and television industry isn’t producing anything so hot either. Look at Caveman! Is that keeping anybody away from their Xbox 360?"

He said the video game industry should be able to continue it’s upward spiral of success while the movie business flounders. "There’s no Star Wars or Lord of the Rings on the horizon to slow sales. What have they got, Alvin and the Chipmunks?"

Well, you never know…

[via bbspot]


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