Microsoft offering gifts for lengthly 360 repairs?

xbox360While Microsoft is up to their eyeballs in fixing Xbox 360s, it looks like they’re shipping out gifts to customers who had to wait awhile to receive their repaired consoles back.

According to a customer report on MaxConsole, a person finally received their fixed Xbox 360 after waiting 25 days and got a free 1 month renewal card for Xbox Live.

Here’s what the customer said (excuse the Internet lingo):

"Hi, just wanted to submit some info… Got my 360 back yesterday (this is #6 for me) it’s a launch system according to the serial number. All in all, from the day I called til yesterday, was 25 days. They also sent me a free 1 month renewal card for xbl gold. First time they had done that… It’s really a good idea, if you pay for live per month, then if they have it for a month, thats really just throwing money at them."

So is this Microsoft’s way of saying, "Sorry for the wait, here’s some free swag!" Do you guys think it’s worth the wait to get a free month of Xbox Live? My guess is it certainly depends on the amount of time that you had to wait. I think the store owners should send this Xbox 360 Elite back and hope for some freebies.


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