Microsoft possibly exploring new avenues for Halo

haloFile this one under the duh category, but Microsoft is still exploring what would potentially be the next Halo game after Halo Wars.

A marketing survey conducted by Microsoft asked participants to rate how likely they would be in buying the next Halo game if it fit one of the descriptions.

The gaming community would be better off without some of the suggestions seeing the light of day while others do offer an predictable choice. The list includes:

"A Halo LEGO Game
A Halo MMO game
A Halo racing game, using vehicles from the Halo universe
A more family friendly Halo game
A 3rd-person Halo action-adventure game
A Halo arcade game
A new Halo shooter where you don’t play as Master Chief
Halo Wars (an RTS game set in the Halo universe) – [This one’s definitely out this year]
A Halo squad based shooter game
A new Halo shooter with a story that takes place before the existing Halo trilogy
A new Halo shooter that is an extension of the Halo 3 game"

Lego, MMO, racing game? Like stated some of these ideas would make even the most hardcore Halo fan shudder in agony. Which game does the expert staff at GamerNode think will make an appearance from the Microsoft camp? We’re leaning towards a new shooter with either the existing or new storyline.

A 3rd-person game wouldn’t be too bad either. Bungie are the makers of Oni. Whatever it is, Bungie has earned enough credit to warrant them exploring new ideas.



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