Microsoft: PS3 is a bigger loser than us in Japan

moorerocksoutIt’s pretty common knowledge around the gaming world that Microsoft has had a pretty difficulty time in trying to crack open the Japanese game market with its Xbox 360.

But Peter Moore of Microsoft’s Entertainment division decided to take a jab at Sony while talking about the small market share the Big M has there.

He told that while the 360 may have not been the biggest success in Japan, Sony has even a lot more to worry about. "That’s probably a better question for Sony who’s getting outsold by (the Wii) what, 6-to-1? You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling."

And if Moore didn’t make his point absolutely clear that Microsoft isn’t doing as bad as Sony in Japan, he also offered, "I built a business plan [for Japan], but I don’t think my expectations in Japan were anything close to what Sony’s expectations are. They are failing. They’re missing their plan by much more than I’m missing my plan."

Ok, so this argument is like saying, "Well, yeah, our ship sunk, but we didn’t have as many people on board as your ship did…"

But regardless of who is doing more poorly, it’s evident that both Sony and Microsoft have to do something to challenge the Wii juggernaut before it’s too late in Japan.


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