Microsoft Ready to Announce New Handheld

Remember the handheld gaming device, Gizmondo? You may have never seen one up close, but the total failure of the device amazed the gaming industry (not to mention the device’s manufacturers). After the Gizmondo fiasco, you™d think that other manufacturers would get the hint and stay away from the somewhat cornered handheld market. But, no. The most recent hopeful to enter the arena of the handhelds is none other than the Big M, Microsoft. According to internet rumors and, Microsoft is going to unveil a new handheld called Project Origami. The new device resembles a small graphics tablet. The Origami will enable users to surf the web, utilize GPS, and act as a game console. No doubt, the unit will also have capabilities such as MP3, movies and online gaming. If this description sounds rather familiar, the doomed Gizmondo also sported many of these features but never caught on. Gizmondo is now out of business. The first hint of the Origami device was seen on a website named Digital Kitchen, a marketing agency employed by Microsoft. A spokesperson from Microsoft said, "While Origami is a concept we’ve been working on with partners, please know that the video seen on Digital Kitchen™s web site is a year old and represents our initial exploration into this form factor, including possible uses and scenarios." So is Microsoft eyeing the PDA crowd, the handheld gaming crowd, or both? With the recent figures of Nintendo™s phenomenal success of the DS, and Sony™s PSP multi-media handheld, the Microsoft may be catching some handheld fever and visions of profits with their new Origami. Whereas Tiger Telematics™ failed Gizmondo was due to poor planning, marketing, and weak software titles, Microsoft may be able to pull off this stunt with its massive support crew standing behind its new product. Details on the new machine will be released by Microsoft on March 2nd on a tantalizingly sparse website named


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