Microsoft says Halo 3 will break box office records

master chiefWith all the excitement of Halo 3 coming out and the release of the special editions, (I already pre-ordered the Limited version), Microsoft is speculating that their latest addition to their juggernaut franchise may even surpass the record breaking numbers of the fastest money maker in movie history – Spider-Man 3.

The record now stands at $151 million for opening weekend draws for Spidey’s movie. Chris Di Cesare,  the creative marketing director at Microsoft, thinks that this record will be easily broken by Halo 3 sales. He said to Variety:

"When we opened to USD 125 million [for Halo 2], that really caught a lot of people’s attention. It showed that videogames were no longer that thing that kids play in their basement. We’re confident we can do better."

But movies and video games are different categories, are they not? Di Cesare recognizes this and said, "I caution the comparison at times. I recognize it’s not apples to apples. But it’s big business any way you cut it." (read:money)

At the moment, industry watchers are speculating that first day sales for Halo 3 may push the $170 million mark. This isn’t too hard to believe since Halo 3 pre-orders have already passed 1 million. And with all those special Halo 3 versions, especially with the Legendary edition going for $129.99 USD, it looks like Microsoft and Halo 3 are headed for the record books.

So have you pre-ordered yet?


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