Microsoft says Xbox 360 is "simply…better"

360 haloA game industry professional proclaimed at the GDC in San Francisco, "Games sell better on the Xbox 360 because they simply play better on Xbox 360."

This piece of gaming wisdom came from John Schappert, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Entertainment Business. So as they say, consider the source. 

Schappert continued his cheer leading by saying, "We’ve got the best development tools and the best online service. You can simply do more on our platform."

While gamers who hold their allegiance to either the PS3 or Wii would dispute Schappert’s statements, there is no doubt that the Xbox 360 is a very popular game console.

However, with the PS3 gaining momentum and the Wii continuing to be a top seller, Microsoft can ill afford to just sit on its laurels and proclaim itself the winner–there’s still a lot of time left for Sony and Nintendo to get more market share.

[via gameindustry]


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