Microsoft Surface reinvents touch-based gaming

MS SurfaceImagine playing D&D, Warhammer or any other tabletop game in a whole new way. What about putting down a Pokemon card and seeing your Pikachu come to life and attack your opponent’s Pokemon? Well this concept might not be as far-fetched anymore with Microsoft’s latest advancement in technology, the Micosoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface is the first commercially available multi-touch surface computer from Microsoft, turning an ordinary tabletop into a vibrant, interactive surface. From the information found on the main Microsoft Surface website,

"The product provides effortless interaction with digital content through natural gestures, touch and physical objects. Surface is a 30-inch display in a table-like form factor that’s easy for individuals or small groups to interact with in a way that feels familiar, just like in the real world. In essence, it’s a surface that comes to life for exploring, learning, sharing, creating, buying and much more. Soon to be available in restaurants, hotels, retail establishments and public entertainment venues, once it becomes affordable for in-home use Microsoft hopes it will transform the way people shop, dine, entertain and live."

In terms of gaming, the very first video game to be showcased on the Surface was a game called Firefly, created by Carbonated games (the people behind Hexic and Uno). Using Surface’s unique multi-touch interface, it gives a glimpse of what gaming could be if it’s not limited to mice and controllers. The goal in Firefly is to be the first player to collect 3 fireflies of each color, while preventing your opponents from doing so. Sure the concept might be simple and nothing to extraordinary, but imagine commanding your army in a strategy game using this type of interactive entertainment.

As of now Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to produce a cheaper "personal" version of the platform, but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft comes out with a smaller version for a cheaper price. The possibilities with this type of interactive ease can be limitless if developers put it to good use. Head on over to the official Microsoft Surface website to check out some videos showing how exactly it works, and how people might use this technology sometime in the near future.


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