Microsoft won't take back defective 360s from EB?

 EB games AustraliaEB Games in Australia maybe having some problems with Microsoft as far as sending back defective Xbox 360s for credit (that were returned by customers to EB) according to a transcript of a conversation with a high managerial person in the EB organization.

The alleged conversation indicated that the value of the total defective units was $10 million.

The friction this may have caused between EB Australia and Microsoft seems to indicate that the EB stores are seriously considering dropping the whole Xbox line altogether. The transcript from the inside EB source states:

"Add to this the fact that price matching got really cutthroat during this past Xmas, they were selling far too many units under-cost and getting a bunch back defective, but Microsoft [refuses] to reimburse for…The whole 360 RRoD [has] been extremely costly to EB Australia.

"Feel free to believe me or not but go and ask a local EB if they have or when they’ll be getting in 360 Premiums again and nobody will be able to give you a straight answer except along the lines of ‘sold out’ and ‘don’t know when they’re coming back in."

While the reality of the situation is still in doubt, it’s probably unlikely that Microsoft would lock out the EB stores in this manner and jeopardize their relationship with one of their important movers of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft was contacted about this rumor and refused to comment.



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