Mike Huckabee–Rock Band and Guitar Hero star

huckabeeWell, Republican Party presidential candidate Mike Huckabee threw in the towel last week and for many of his supporters, it was a sad day indeed. He made his concession speech, waved goodbye to the audience, and took his staffers back to Little Rock, Arkansas where they relaxed by playing Rock Band.

That’s right sports fans, one of the presidential candidates is actually a gamer. Not only does Huckabee play Rock Band, he also likes to play Guitar Hero too.

In a day and age where practically every politician can hardly wait to blame video games as the source of all evil in society, it’s pretty refreshing to see a politician that actually doesn’t mind making it public that he likes video games.

Imagine, we could have had a president of the United States that actually was a gamer. Well, maybe the next time around…

[via kotaku]


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