Minecraft Xbox 360 getting over 40 character skins as DLC

Xbox 360 players of Minecraft get the 1.73 title update next week, and with it an optional DLC pack including over 40 character skins, both original and ones inspired by other popular titles.

The 1.73 update adds, among other tweaks and bug fixes, the piston block, which can push and pull other blocks. Essentially, those who want to dabble in basic mechanics are going to use the piston block to make even more inventive contraptions in Minecraft‘s retro sandbox.

The skin pack DLC, launching near the same time as the patch, promises to add over 40 new character skins, both original creations and ones based on characters from other franchises. The images released so far show off the Minecraft creeper, the Grunt from the Halo series, the titular ‘Splosion Man, the guy from Trials HD, and an appropriately regal looking king, all re-appropriated for Minecraft‘s blocky world.

Players will also now be able to select between one of Minecraft’s eight existing character skins, or take a handful of the new DLC skins out for a test run with a trial version of the pack. The pack launches “around the same time” as the 1.73 patch, itself due next week. No word right now on the DLC pack’s price, but keep an eye on the ‘Node and we’ll let you know when details emerge.

In the meantime, happy mining.

And don’t dig directly down…


UPDATE: Pricing has been announced for the skin pack DLC; it will be available for 160 MS Points, or $2.


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  1. Terrydb95665 July 7, 2012 at 6:05 pm -

    the price was named at 160

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