Mirror's Edge completed EA ships gold disc to factory

EA’s new "Parkour-style" action game is headed to factories on time boys and girls. Mirror’s Edge is set to be the first in a planned trilogy from EA and DICE.

The title looks to be on time for its November 11 launch in North America and November 14 in Europe.

While it looks like Mirror’s Edge is definitely on schedule for release, PC gamers will be sad to discover that they’re going to have to wait sometime this winter for a port of the title.

‘Sometime this winter’ is rather vague though, so let’s not hold our breath until we get something a little more concrete from EA shall we?

If you haven’t heard of Mirror’s Edge, and yes there are some of you out there, here’s the story. Mirror’s Edge is going to put you in the shoes of Faith, a black-market ‘mail lady’.

She takes packages from place to place across the rooftops in this fascist world set in the not so distant future. She’s going about her black-market-y ways when her sister is framed for the assassination of a local politician. Faith then goes on a journey to clear her sister’s name…sounds fun enough right?

I’m not sure if the demo is out on PSN yet (don’t have a PS3 yet GASP!!) but the upcoming game has a sweet demo out on Xbox live market place, so go check it out….like now….no seriously it’s pretty fun.


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