Mixed reports on Assassin's Creed patch working

it's fixed...maybe notThe patch that was released to fix various issues with the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed seems to not have worked in solving problems regarding screen tearing and outright game freezes according to recent reports from users who downloaded the update from Unisoft. 

Forum members on the Assassin’s Creed forum at Ubisoft.com, such as Coyote, responded to the patch by saying, "LOL – dont expect too much guys. I was skeptic – and rightfully so. I downloaded the 25 MB update. Game launched and I tried to continue my game. Altair froze on the blue loading screen – AS USUAL.THIS UPDATE DID NOTHING FOR ME…"

But the reports seem to be mixed. While many are saying the patch doesn’t fix anything, some are saying that the frame rates have improved. Blaque-Dragun probably said it best:

"Can someone from Ubi post what the patch does, what issues it fixed? Because people here, are posting mixed info…some say it fixed the frame rate and freezing…and others say it fixed nothing it was a rushed patch? SO what is…is it fixed? Or not? Can somone from Ubi answer this, thank you!"

At the moment, no word has come from Ubisoft on the update and what bugs it addresses, which is the main problem right now with users–they don’t know what the patch fixed, if anything.

[ubi.com forums]


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