MLB 11: The Show takes the mound on March 8

Twins catcher Joe Mauer returns as the cover athlete.

Just as Spring Training gets underway, Sony will release the new year’s installment of its critically-acclaimed baseball series, as was announced through the PlayStation.Blog.

MLB 11: The Show highlights a familiar face, as Joe Mauer returns as the cover athlete. Fresh off another Gold Glove year, Mauer has once again proved to Sony Computer Entertainment that he’s worthy of the honor.

Often times, sports games will attract criticism from gamers not of the sporting-persuasion, as being nothing more than roster updates. This is not the case, at least according to Jon Robinson of ESPN.

"’MLB 11: The Show‘ is anything but a roster update with a few new custom animations thrown in to fool consumers that this game is something new. In fact, this might be the biggest jump in terms of both control and game-play enhancements the series has ever attempted in a single year," he said.

This year, the boys at SCE San Diego have taken a page out of MLB 2K’s book, adding a wide array of analog stick controls.  But that’s not where it ends.  For the most hardcore of hardcore baseball fans, there’s the option to make batting not only about timing, but also location.  Like in the Pro Yakyuu Spirits series in Japan, lining up the bat with the ball is imperative to getting on base — not just timing it right.

Also, for those people who decide to reserve their copy of MLB 11: The Show, a free 30 day trial of MLB.TV will be available when the game is purchased.

Find the trailer and full cover art below.

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mlb 11 the show cover



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