Modder adds motion control to his Xbox 360

xbox 360 controller zoomA modder has taken it upon himself to add motion controls to his Xbox 360 controller. Specifically, he bestows upon his controller the gift of tilt and motion sensitive capabilities.

The modder said, "The mod uses a two-axis accelerometer that measures the left/right and up/down tilt, which is determined by measuring the force of gravity on the axis. The only part of the left analog stick that works after the modification is the button."

Certainly cool, but there’s just one question: is this really needed? Wii motion control certainly adds to the experience and is fun and unique enough. However, those games are specifically designed and built around the Wii remote.

The 360’s games are designed to be played with standard control methods. There is the case of the PS3, but no one I know actually uses the tilt capablities when playing their PS3 games. It’s simply an overlooked feature because the majority of the games aren’t designed with motion control in mind.

This is especially the case for the Xbox 360. It just seems to me that the game design employed in almost all 360 games do not lend itself very well to motion controls. So this is certainly a cool project that this modder has completed, but I hardly think it’s necessary in the real world.

[via Product-Reviews]


modded 360 controller



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