Mojang announces the Humble Bundle Mojam for charity

On Friday, February 17 at 10am Central European Time (4am Eastern Standard Time), Mojang will live-stream its own game jam to raise money for charity. For 60 hours, the Mojang team will work to create a brand-new video game using genres and themes voted on by fans.

Both the highest-voted and lowest-voted from each poll will be combined; the game could turn out to be a Peter Molyneux-esque beat-em-up set in a post-apocalyptic Candy Land, or an RTS dating simulator set in a fantasy World War II. You have until this weekend to vote for the insane mash-up you’ve always dreamed of.

The whole thing will be hosted through Humble Bundle — you’ll be able to watch live and make a donation of any size to receive a download of the final product. No word yet on platforms or the charities involved; past Humble Bundles allowed donors to give their money to developers, Child’s Play, the EFF, or the American Red Cross.



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