More info: Quake Zero and the "next" Quake Arena

QuakeIn an interview with GameRiot, id Software’s Executive Producer, Marty Stratton, revealed new details about the company’s upcoming free-to-play Quake Zero in addition to discussing what the future holds for the series.

When asked about what new features Quake Zero will feature that were absent in the game it’s based off of (Quake III: Arena), Mr. Stratton revealed that the game will receive a few technical tweaks that’ll make for an overall better gameplay experience.

"Basically we’ll do some new free rendering effects that we can throw to the video card and get cool little effects, new explosions, glow, and other things that won’t tax the system," said Stratton. "We really want it to play at 60 FPS or higher on everyone’s system, and we really don’t want things to bog it down. There will be some polish above what’s there because of what graphics can do now as compared to back then. We want people to play Quake Zero, with more features than ever, and go ‘Wow this kicks so much ass’and then continue to play the game for a long time."

While their browser loaded title is surely targeting a mainstream audience, many are wondering what id has in store for the hardcore fans waiting with baited breath for the newest installment in the Quake series.

When asked about what fans can expect, Stratton responded by revealing what the team is aiming to accomplish in the next game.

"We’re going to use Quake Zero as a beta test in deploying different systems, spectating ability, matchmaking, doing different tournaments, collecting data, all that stuff that goes into the game. On a high level, it’ll be very much like Quake 3 Arena in that it’s fast paced, primarily a dueling game but will have team aspects to it. High action, high energy, likely built on id Tech 5, and stylistically from just about every aspect including user interfaces, scoreboards and stats, we will be thinking of the game in terms of a sport. That means different things to a lot of different people but that’s the core of what we want."

Judging from the sound of things, it appears as though the developer is shifting its focus for the series in a more multiplayer oriented direction more than ever before.

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to have them invest the time and resources to create a full fledged single player experience or just do away with it all together?   

[Via GameRiot]


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