More 'journalists' target gaming

BrainThere’s a news report coming out of Omaha, Nebraska’s KETV that’s claiming to make a link between violent behavior and videogames.

The basis for the story is a new study coming out of the Indiana School of Medicine, spouting some mumbo jumbo about brain activity and aggressive arousal. Brain activity this, murderous rampage that, Jack Thompson hit me with a wiffle ball bat.

Seriously, without repeating the entirety of the article here, all I can tell you is that the entire piece is a bunch of unprofessional garbage that, by my best estimation, would probably get a "C+" in a freshmen year Journalism class.

The story starts off on the right foot with a decent lead, and credible sources. Pretty soon though, things start to feel a little one-sided, like when you’re in the eighth paragraph and there’s still no representation for the games industry.

Then in the ninth paragraph, we’re finally given a voice in the matter.

"The video game industry notes that the research also finds that teenagers have similar responses to violence in movies or TV. The industry said no one can prove a definitive link between virtual violence and the real thing."

Suffice it to say: I missed the point in history when industry itself became sentient and gained the ability for free speech.

After that little gem, we get a little bit more back up.

"Ryan Miller, the manager of general operations for Gamers in Omaha, said video games become an easy scapegoat when children turn violent."

I have to wonder if they actually thought it was fair to give one side of the argument scientists and credited professionals, and then give the other side a disembodied voice and a local game store manager.

Tune in next week for what will probably be another similar and equally ridiculous display of journalistic disintegrity against gaming. And probably every week after that until eternity for that matter.


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