MotorStorm bombs after new mode is installed

motorstormIf you’ve got MotorStorm for the PS3, you probably are already aware that Sony has announced a new Time Trial mode that is downloadable at the PlayStation Network Store. But some users who have installed the addition have found that they can’t boot up their game after adding the new feature.

But the latest word from Sony is that you have to install patch 1.2 before you try to boot the game with the new game addition.

A post in the PS3 forums states:

You must download the PATCH 1.2 via the game online mode first.
Then go to store and download the time attack mode.
Failure to do this will result in a black loading screen, and you will need to delete your Motorstorm update 1.1 from your Game Data Utility and start again.

After the fix was in, the incidents of not being able to load up the game ceased…at least for those who read the post.


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