Naughty Dog has an urge for Jak and Daxter

Jak and DaxterEvan Wells, of Naughty Dog, mentioned his urge to bring the Jak and Daxter franchise to the PlayStation 3 in a recent interview.

Wells and the rest of Naughty Dog continue to harp on how impressed they are with the PlayStation 3’s hardware. The usual "only using approximately 1/3 of the processing power" line came up again.

The meat of the interview came when asked about future projects, Wells said, "Jak and Daxter–there are still a lot of people here who would love to work on the franchie again, especially using all of the cool tech that was developed for Uncharted. However, exactly when you might see that is still anybody’s guess."

If things line up, PlayStation 3 owners may be getting another dose of goggles and elf ears, and Ratchet and Clank may have a little competition.

via [ps3center]


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