Naughty Dog 'impressed' with Uncharted film progress


After limited communication and conflicting visions regarding the film adaptation of the Uncharted series between Naughty Dog and former director David O. Russell, it appears that everything is going smoothly and happily now that Neil Burger is the one behind the project. The developer has stated that having the "Limitless" director in charge now is a "very good sign" for Nathan Drake’s debut on the silver screen.

"The producers of the movie project have a lot of integrity, and they are keen to make the kind of film fans of Uncharted want to see made," co-lead designer Richard Lemarchand told Eurogamer in an interview at Eurogamer Expo 2011.

This is a relief for fans, who were up in arms during Russell’s time as director since his imagining of the film would include Nathan Drake played by Mark Wahlberg as a member of a family of antique traders that would also star Drake’s never-mentioned-in-the-games father and uncle, played by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci respectively.

"We’ve been impressed at Naughty Dog with the level of interest they’ve shown in talking to us and to Amy [Hennig, creative director] in particular in order to get it right," Lemarchand said. "The attachment of Neil Burger to the project is a very good sign in that regard."

Hennig has reportedly been in regular contact with the film’s producers, even though the film is being developed seperately from the games.

"I’m interested in this concept of transmedia, perhaps because of the kind of media environment I grew up in, that we all grew up in," continued Lemarchand. "I’m a big Doctor Who and Star Wars fan. You have the primary thing, which is the TV show or the movies, but then you extend your enjoyment by re-experiencing those story worlds through these other channels."

The Uncharted film is yet to have either an official title or release date. Meanwhile, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is set for a November 11 release exclusively on the PlayStation 3.



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