Neverwinter Nights 2 Update

If you played Neverwinter Nights, you probably blew off the rest of your life, friends and family. Which means you’ll be perfectly prepared for the sequel, which features a brand new engine, gorgeous graphics, and more of the D&D based hack and slash combat to which we’ve become addicted. Atari and Obsidian entertainment have released the new website ( http:/ ) with screenshots, forum, media, and lots of content to get you all jazzed up about the sequel. Speaking of sequel… when do we get this lump of gaming goodness? September 2006. The publishers are shooting for a worldwide release of the game. Up until now, the only slated timeslot for the game was a vague ‘2006’. Obsidian Entertainment are the not the original developers of the Neverwinter series, that honor goes to BioWare, and while Bioware has developed the new engine as well, the actual game development is being handed off to Obsidian. Fear not, though, most of the staff are former members of Black Isle Studios. And they also did the sequel to Biowares ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ (Sith Lords) and did a smashing job. So some fresh talent, a new engine, and some great looking screens all point to this being a perfect next step for Neverwinter.


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