New add-ons coming for Folklore

folkloreIt’s always great to see developers supporting the games they’ve worked so hard on. If it isn’t Bungie releasing new multiplayer maps, it’s Bioshock getting the widescreen fix it finally deserves.

While the additions to games is more prevalent on the Xbox 360 more so than the PlayStation 3, that doesn’t mean the add-ons to the PLayStation 3 games are any less stellar. Case in point–the just announced add-on packs for Sony’s surprise hit, Folklore.

Two add-on packs are going to be released coming in at $3.99 per pack or $5.99 for both. These additions are going to expand previous story plots which were either cut short, or not fully explored in the original Folklore. The first one is called "The Kidnapped Folk," and ties very much into the Folklore setting.

"Set during the timeframe of the original story, this is your opportunity to return to Doolin – gateway to the Netherworld – and take Ellen and Keats’ extraordinary adventure a little bit further. The quests include a mission to recapture a kidnapped Folk and an attempt to regain the trust of Brumbear’s soldiers. The pack also includes a new look for Ellen and a Folk called Maximillian who has a mean cannonball attack."

The second add-on pack titled "Bottom of the Sea," is going to make anime fans happy with a redesign of one of the characters. Also cool is how the "Bottom of the Sea" add-on ties into the other pack.

"Search the seabed for a mysterious item requested by Damona, get to the bottom of an accident that takes place in the Endless Corridor and complete the Wandering Thoughts mission started in "The Kidnapped Folk" Add-On. For Anime fans, Keats gets a "familiar" body suit that appears when he is in his "trancenscion" state and can face Phutcampus, a new Folk to defeat."

With new Folk to capture, new stories to pursue, and new character designs, it is hard for Folklore fans not to get excited about these add-ons.

[Via PlayStation.Blog]


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